Hidari Wristlet Clutch - 3356Q


Our handy pouch, to keep a few essentials together, stylishly.

Can be paired with the smaller Migi Wristlet Pouch as a set.

The kimono fabric design features some of the classic motifs used in kimono.  It is covered with a repeating pattern of Sensu, the fans used in traditional dance performances. Within the Sensu are Ume, Kiku, Momiji, Fuji and Botan. 
Ume, plum blossom is one of the favourite symbols of the Japanese kimono design:  it’s beauty and fragrance has been reflected in many poems.   It is the first of the year to bloom, and therefore represents endurance.   It became a symbol of good fortune, as is used for New Year decorations. 
Kiku, the Chrysanthemum is the Flower of The Imperial House and is often used as an icon of Japan itself (it is the emblem used on Japanese passports).  It represents rejuvenation and longevity.
Momij, maple leaves symbolise autumn. Japanese traditionally admire and revere autumnal leaves just as they celebrate blossom in the spring. 
Fuji are the wisteria flowers, which signify love, support, sensitivity and tenderness.
Botan: peonies are known as the king of flowers in Japan. They also present longevity and steadfastness. 

This vintage kimono was sourced from the Osaka area of Japan.  It is approximately 30 years old.

Handmade by self help groups in Cambodia.

Dimensions: 24cm x 17cm

Collections: Ryokou collection

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