Hidari Wristlet Clutch - 3204L


Our handy pouch, to keep a few essentials together, stylishly.

Can be paired with the smaller Migi Wristlet Pouch as a set.

A bright collection of floral emblems adorn this kimono fabric, including 'ume' blossoms, 'ayame' and 'tsubaki' and 'botan' flowers.  Botan, peonies, are known as the King of Flowers in Japan where they represent longevity and steadfastness.  'Tsubaki', the camellia flower, famous for flowering in the early winter, while 'Momiji', the maple leaf also appears.

'Ayame' are especially loved by the Japanese: it is a sign of strength and the sword shaped leaves are symbols of warriors in the past. In a tenth century poem “Tales of Ise.” An aristocratic poet, set out on a long journey and when he reached a place where he saw irises in full bloom in a marsh crisscrossed with bridges, the sight filled him with such longing for his wife in far away Kyoto that he wrote the poem for her, which became famous.

Also featured are 'nami' waves, 'guruma wheels and 'sensu' the fan used in traditional dance performances.

The fabric is silk woven with a pattern of 'name' to give a textured finish. Details are embellished in gold, adding extra lustre.

This vintage kimono was sourced from the Osaka area of Japan.  It is approximately 20-30 years old.

Handmade by self help groups in Cambodia.

Dimensions: 24cm x 17cm

Collections: Ryokou collection

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