Fukuro Obi Clutch - 3014F


Our signature clutch, hand made from vintage 'obi': the sash worn with kimono at formal occasions.

A collection of traditional Japanese design motifs are woven into this obi with a mix of brown, shades of salmon, olive and pale greens, and pale blue.

The ‘Houou’, is the invincible, immortal mythological bird, and sits within bunches of ‘tsubaki’, ‘nadeshiko’ and ‘kikyo’.  The tsubaki, camellia flower, was historically part of the Japanese wedding tea ceremony, symbolising life and promise. They are notorious for flowering in November and December. Nadeshiko, dianthus, or pinks, is a symbol of femininity. Many womens’ groups or teams are called by this flower, including the Japanese womens’ football team. The Kikyo, The Japanese meaning is Pentagram, as the Bellflower has five petals. It is an important symbol in Taoism as each petal represents an element: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Sitting alongside are more symbols: ‘take’, ‘matsu’, ‘kiri’ and ‘ryuusu’.  Take, the bamboo plant, is known for it's strength, therefore the motif signifies strength of character.

Matsu, the pine, is a hardy plant that symbolises strength and long life. Kiri, the Paulownia plant, often also called the Princess Tree.  Ryuusu, wandering streams are often found on fabric designs, usually linking other design motifs, as we see here.

This vintage Fukuro Obi was sourced from the Osaka area of Japan.  It is approximately 40 years old, and in excellent condition.

Handmade by self help groups in Cambodia.

Dimensions: 31cm x 18.5cm


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